Dream it, think it, design it, build it

How we co-create

Our process is pretty simple. We listen, we design, we build.

We begin by getting to know you and your business on a personal level. No one knows your business better than you do, so we take time to understand your goals and your customers. We listen while you talk – and we ask a lot of questions!

We use our skills to build you a website with all the functionality that you need. You will be involved in every step, so that you can be as pleased and satisfied about what we’re creating for you as we are.

Your website is your opportunity to show the world what you’re made of. We are here to develop a website that will make you proud and will help your business thrive.

We are vocal for local

We are local for locals and we speak your language.

More impact

More impact is what we aspire to make, and more impact is the positive effect we aspire the local business community to have on their customers.

Web works

Our tagline is ‘web works’ because we believe being online present works. It supports business growth.

We customise

We create bespoke websites at affordable prices using the latest technology.

We create growth opportunities for local businesses and professionals in South Goa.

It’s our ambition to propel South Goa onto the digital map and make South Goa catch up into the information age.

What we mean when we say we turn the threat of the web into an opportunity to grow

Change happens

We see business, consumer behaviour and competition in South Goa rapidly changing. Consumers and visitors come from large modern cities and use and see the internet as a source of information they trust. Guests demand clear and transparent information and pricing, and they want to book, order, or make a reservation in advance.


New competitors for the local businesses in South Goa are large companies and platforms operating across India delivering whatever the Goans need at their doorsteps. Arriving at the airport you can order a taxi online, the car will bring you to the accommodation you have chosen and booked online, you can have food delivered to your home ordered online, you can have an ever-growing variety of products delivered to your kitchen.

Online threat

This is happening now; this can threaten local businesses in their existence. Many local businesses feel threatened. Local businesses feel they can’t compete with online platforms. The platforms are completely taking over some of the business. If a platform allows a small business to join, it often demands a large commission. Local business owners feel they are forced to join these platforms because there is no alternative.

Change course

We are here to change that and give local businesses a future. We craft websites for local businesses, so they can offer their products or services online, benefiting from what otherwise can only be seen as a threat. We make it easy, affordable and qualitative.

Online opportunity

We turn the possible threat of the web to many local businesses into an opportunity for South Goan businesses to survive and grow.

The web works

We believe the only answer to these threats is online presence. We believe ‘the web works’. If local businesses are easily found on the internet, if they can connect with prospective customers and guests online, if they can sell their products and services via the web

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