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Hello World

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The Essential

Dynamic multipage website

Can include:

  • Contact form
    • Booking calendar (manual)
    • Restaurant catalogue / menu

(domain and hosting for 3 years)



We can take care of the entire digital spectrum from UI/IX (user interface/user experience) to fully responsive website design and build. We don’t stop at designing and publishing your website, we also make sure that you get accounts on relevant social media channels, we make sure your business can be found on maps and we sit with you to install relevant apps on your phone and train you how to work with them. We give you the freedom to concentrate on managing and growing your business.


We speak your language, we understand your need, we offer to build a professional website customised to your local business and purpose. We are local, we are available, we connect, interact and co-create with you. Our rates are local-for-local. We believe ‘the web works’, we help you make use of the web, find new ways to reach your customers, sell more products and services, make impact.


We pride ourselves on creating bespoke systems and working with platforms such as WordPress or WooCommerce. All our websites include a professional and secure .in-domain name and security certificate for your business, a professional email address and email account and hosting of the website.